Lauren & Jakobi | Buddies since birth

Lauren and Jakobi have basically known each other since they were born. They grew up in the same country town on the Yorke Peninsular here in South Australia, their parents were then, and are still best of mates.

I think the photograph above is just superb – to think that they are now going to be married and spend pretty much their entire life on this planet together.

The 3 of us caught up in the studio a few weeks back to go over the run-sheet and finer details of their wedding day plans and Lauren showed me this picture. She keeps it in her wallet. Aside from the obviously awesome knitted jumper Jakobi is sporting, I think this is another great example of why it’s so important to record life’s great events on camera and then print them out as photographs or in an album.

Images of more recent events from the lives of Lauren and Jakobi will be coming very soon 🙂

Thanks to Lauren and Jakobi for sharing these brilliant memories.



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