Lexie & Chris – The Lane Vineyard

Adelaide Wedding Photographer Luke Simon sharing some recent moments and even more recent thoughts…..

I often say to couples when they stop into the studio for a chat about their wedding day that old adage, ” besides each other and your rings and certificate, the only physical thing you will have from your wedding day besides each other is your photographs” and although it does sound like a sales pitch it really does ring true to me more every year, as I learn new things about myself, my photography and what we professional wedding photographers actually do on a wedding day – so much goes on and often we have so little time to interpret and translate moments into memorable images and hopefully we all do this with a smile on our faces – because we love our jobs and creating once in a lifetime moments for couples doing something so deeply wonderful and significant in their lives and also because we are realising the beautiful art as it’s created by us, in front of our camera. I know I was jumping around like a little kid as I grabbed these moments.

I am also getting a little deep today because the beautiful woman I married more than 5 years ago has been away for more than a week, visiting her family in the UK. I miss her dearly and photos are one of the wonderful things that brings her to me no matter how far away she may be….

This is a sample from Lexie and Chris’ wedding, which I photographed at The Lane Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills last weekend. This place never ceases to amaze me and always seems to┬ádeliver, I love the venue, food, wine and the staff and I am wrapped with my initial look over the images I took of this awesome couple on their beautiful wedding – so excited I stopped my rating and editing, which should be priority, and just pulled out these few corkers for your viewing…I’m diggin’ them anyway. Hope you do also.

More will come in a weeks ahead of us all…lots of great, exciting weddings have been photographed over the past month and a half so keep checking by for a look !

Cheers, Luke.

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