Kylie & Dan – Wedding

One of the few downsides about being a wedding photographer is missing out on family weddings and already being booked when they set a date. The upside on this occasion was that Dane and Steve could shoot it for them for me ! As unfortunate as it was to be unable to go I was comforted knowing that Dane and Steve would do a great job and I would be able to relive the day through their capture.

Dane’s words….

There are some weddings we get the privilege of documenting that shine with personality and character. From the little hand-crafted invites to the wooden wishing well, and even the thumb print -family tree, this wedding was certainly one of them!

Accompanied by a handsome best-man and two beautiful bride’s maids (Dan and Kylie’s 3 children), Kylie and Dan were married in the lovely surroundings of Stangate House in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills. As if set by a timer, the heavens opened up immediately after the ceremony, sending guests racing for the marquee, and possibly the amazing wood oven pizzas….?!

The weather certainly didn’t deter the newly-wed’s spirits. Dan ended up on his knees in a puddle of mud for an alternative variation of the bridal waltz.

Thank you Kylie and Dan for allowing me to be a part of, and capture, your beautiful day.


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