Kingsford Homestead Wedding | Sharon + Frank | Preview

I’d like to share a preview to the story of Sharon and Franks recent Kingsford Homestead Wedding. What a superb location and venue to have settled upon to celebrate their wedding ceremony and reception. Kingsford Homestead is situated about 90 minutes from Adelaide, on the way to the Barossa Valley. Once the set for the TV series McLeod’s Daughters, it has in more recent times been refurbished and transformed into a Luxury B&B and Wedding reception Venue. The refurbishment is superb and if you are looking for a intimate and boutique wedding venue, this would have to be high on the list.

I am pretty sure everyone, myself included, had a fantastic day. I especially loved witnessing the bond and obvious love that Sharon and Frank have for their children, and the importance this played with their photography on the day.

More to come in the next few days…

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