Kate + Bluey | Destination Wedding, Noosa QLD

I grew up with Bluey in the Adelaide Hills. Many a good night were had as teenagers, parties on farms and just getting up to the normal mischief  teens get up to when given the freedom a yellow Holden Gemini provides. Specific memories of a party where certain parents came home early to find a lot of rather ‘chirpy’ 17 years olds springs to mind. I may or may not have been asleep in a bath tub when the parents found me.

Probably the only negative about being a wedding photographer is that we miss a lot of friends weddings. So when Blu and Kate contacted me to ask me to shoot their wedding, I was holding my breath this wasn’t going to be the case. ‘What date is it ?’ I asked…Friday the 5th…’ooh, Friday, that’s a good start, not booked on many Friday’s’ I went on….check the diary……Doh ! I was booked to shoot a wedding the next morning in the Barossa Valley and short of chartering a plane, there was no way of getting back to the Barossa in time…Them’s the breaks eh.

I was really happy to be able to offer to have Dave fly up to shoot their day for them though. I still felt like a big part of their day from the planning phase, and I have certainly been able to relive their day through Dave’s eye and the editing and post production process that comes after the big day…Here are a few that spoke to me of their day.


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