Jeff and Maggie

We were lucky enough to escape for a few days recently and spend some time with some great mates who were visiting from America. We rented a shack down at Aldinga and did as little as possible..which with Henry wanting to play or do something every second proved quite difficult…but we had a great time catching up, eating great food and drinking tasty wines. A few shots from the trip.

I met Jeff in WA about 7 years ago. He was over on an extended holiday. I had really just started tackling the digital photography age at the time and I needed some Photoshop help..I was struggling. So I popped an ad up on the local supermarket noticeboard and Jeff tore it down so no-one else could beat him to the job.I liked his style. He helped me work some computer stuff out and then we just hung out from then on. I’ve never met anyone who can tell a story as well as Jeff. Check out more on Jeff at . Now more pictures….

Our beautiful boy Henry. He loves tractors and diggers and he and I found one…very happy Henry.

Happy Jeff

My beautiful wife who is not a fan of the camera but should be 🙂

Dave and Jeff having a cackle

Maggie is great and was very cozy on the couch, listening to the 3 of us talk rubbish.

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