Hey All,

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Mel, Mike and the mighty little Jackson yesterday.  They’ve been living in a little place on the north side of Adelaide and have just sold up to begin the next very exciting journey. They’ve just bought a place up in the country near where they both grew up. Get this….these two went to Pre-primary, Primary School and Secondary school together ! How cool is that. Mel, I hope you enjoy your big new home and the veggie garden and by the twinkle in Mike’s eye I think he’s going to enjoy having a tool and chook shed JUST a little bit…..

On to the star of this show though…..Jackson. Now I think my little man Henry is cute, lets face it, we all think our own ones are the cutest…but I have to say that Jackson would have to come in at a very close second. He was a little shy to begin but really seemed to warm to me (who can blame the guy really) So, here are a few of the images from this windy, rainy Monday with Jackson.jacksonBW-01Jackson-16jacksonBW-03jacksonBW-07jacksonBW-13jacksonBW-15jacksonBW-17jacksonBW-19Jackson-07Jackson-17Jackson-24Jackson-21Jackson-27Jackson-02


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