Heather & Jason | 20 Feb 2010 | Private Residence, Adelaide

Heather and Jason had arranged an ‘engagement party’ which was to turn into their wedding party. About 10 guests knew of their plan and everyone else came along because H & J had said they were going to elope to marry so come to this party or miss out altogether. I think their mum’s were given 2 weeks (long enough to find the right dress but not long enough to stress..well, not for more than 14 days anyway) Heather’s dad was given a little more notice as it was at their place that the wedding was to take place. In these 6 weeks Gavin (dad) managed to build a very elaborate men’s room (see below) made out of corrugated roofing material, guttering and plumbed into the sewerage….very cleverly done.

The lambs were cooked and carved in perfect time to clear the way for the party and then Jason and Heather disappeared to change while the celebrant Julie Beaton broke the news. The reaction was classic, with screams and yells from all and the cool bit was no one expected it….The chickens squawked in their coop as this great couple married in their folks backyard…pretty awesome stuff that I was very privileged to be a part of.

The whole day worked out really well, and from a photography perspective I was wrapped, even though we had to hustle a bit. We snuck away to the nearby race course, to catch the last of the fading light .

Right behind where I am standing when I took this shot are two little hand basins that Gavin had plumbed into the mains – ahh the lengths an aussie will go to for a good wee and hygene.

While the news was delivered out back Heather and the girls and Jason and the fellas dressed in record time – about 10 minutes.

The 2 proud mums

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