Hannah & James – Sydney – By Dave

Hannah & James – Sydney – By Dave

Sydney always blows me away. It’s got to be one of the most amazing places in the world. I love cruising round the coastline and the meandering beauty of the Sydney harbour waterways is just insane. So when Hannah and James asked me to shoot their wedding at Watsons Bay and Garden Island in the Harbour, I was like… ahhhhhh…. OK!

Here’s how I saw it…

HJ-003 Sydney harbour HJ-007HJ-021 HJ-023HJ-030 HJ-031 HJ-071 Groom HJ-090 HJ-091 HJ-093 HJ-121 HJ-122 HJ-129 HJ-135HJ1 HJ-154 HJ2HJ-167 Bridal Prep HJ3 HJ4 HJ-261 HJ-268 HJ-288 HJ-289 HJ-296 HJ-307 HJ-313 HJ-336 HJ-341 HJ-348 HJ-349 HJ-366 HJ-372 HJ-375 HJ-394Hj5 HJ-448HJ-477 HJ-495 HJ-497 HJ-500 HJ6 Garden Island Bride HJ-564 HJ-568HJ-578 HJ-584HJ-589HJ-599 HJ-602 HJ-614HJ-616 HJ-635 HJ-643 HJ7 HJ-657 Bride Groom sydney harbour bridgeHJ-675 HJ-684 HJ-710 wedding first dance

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