Abby & Dale – Eyre Peninsula Wedding

I love road-trips. There are a few on the cards this wedding season. Abby and Dale’s Eyre Peninsula wedding took place in their hometown of Whyalla. If you’ve never been to Whyalla and you happen to be in the area, then I can highly recommend you stop and take note for a few days. It’s might not look like much on first inspection, dusty houses, refineries, trains loaded with iron ore, red earth, saltbush, ruins and lots more saltbush. Well, this is what I saw initially.

Upon closer inspection I came to appreciate Whyalla for the way all of these things make it so beautiful. The vision of the bright yellow trains cutting across the saltbush landscape, the sound of their metal wheels slicing the otherwise silent land, the native grasses twitching in the wind, with their shallow roots holding on for dear life to the red dirt and rock below.

I spent my Friday driving the 4 hours from Adelaide, stopping frequently to photographing beautiful things that caught my eye, and there were many of these stops. A drive that should have taken 4 took me 6 or more. Friday afternoon I wandered the streets with bride-to-be Abby, getting a feel for the surroundings, discussing some options for their photographs the next day, and visiting the ceremony location. Abby and I then headed on to the local footy match, to watch Dale run around with his mates, both of us crossing fingers he didn’t break something the night before his wedding.

The wedding day was huge. I began at Abby and Dale’s home with the girls, then headed off to check one more location I had in mind for photos with the fellas, before stopping in at Dale’s folks home on the edge of town. The ceremony took place under a shady tree at Mount Laura Homestead, followed by some time spent in the old museum grounds nearby, then some gallivanting around town and further afield with Abby and Dale, to bring together the awesome landscape and this super cute couple. I just wish we could have had more time for location photographs, there was still so much I wanted to capture with Abby and Dale, but the sun won out in the end and we had no choice but to switch on the headlights and make our way to their party and loved ones.

I think that the experiences we have in life are about the journey and the lessons and people we meet along the way, not so much the destination. But I do also think that if we slow ourselves down, put the phones and computers down for a while, that we can find the beautiful side to every situation and destination.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been involved in this journey and the destination and to have captured these moments for Abby and Dale.


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