Engagement Shoot in Darwin – Jana & Tom

I recently hopped on a plane with my wife Carrie and we headed north for Jana and Tom’s Engagement Shoot in Darwin. It was the first time Carrie and I had left both of the kids at home overnight (thanks nan and pops) and it was bloody lovely (sorry kids, but we didn’t miss you too much) It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but really nice to escape the cold wet days we were experiencing back in Adelaide. Awesome to have Carrie come behind the scenes with me too, she doesn’t often get the opportunity to see me at work. I’d like to do it more. So anyone out there who knows anyone who needs some Darwin wedding photography, give us a call, we’d love to work here more.

We spent two days scouting locations and catching up with Jess who was helping with some of the styling for the shoot. And we generally just had a bunch of fun.

We spent quite a bit of time with Jana and Tom and heard more about their world. It’s always great to gain a bit more of an insight into the couples we photograph, and get a better understanding of their dynamic. These guys are classic, Tom spoils and dotes on Jana something fierce and Jana laps it up. She’s very cheeky and will happily speak her mind. Tom, very intelligent and observant seemed quite content sitting back listening to his lovely lady most of the time..

Jana and Tom were off to a 1920’s themed Gala Dinner on the night of the shoot, so there was a quick wardrobe change on location. According to Jana, Tom is the one taking control of all the finer details for the wedding and it was also his suggestion that they don their evening attire for some photographs during the shoot. So glad he mentioned it.

We will all be seeing more of Jana and Tom at their Adelaide Wedding which will take place next year.

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Styling and Assistance – White Rabbit Design & events Inc.

Location – East Point – Darwin, Australia




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