Donna & David – Wedding

Wet, wet, wet – but who cares when you have a dress like this ! A nice little Vera Wang number no less. Donna looked a treat in this, with a little extra few frilly bits (boys technical term for that gauze material 🙂 under the bottom half to make it kinda kick out a bit more….I really need to work on my technical vocabulary of dresses…Anyway, she looked great. Donna’s mum Cheryl and sister Erica was there for support and Erica’s son Kalan, who was very cute – when we got to see his face from behind his DSi thingo.

So, it rained a lot but lucky for Donna and David the ceremony was in the very lovely Saint Laurence Church in North Adelaide and after finding some nice dry spots for pics on the way to the Wine Centre for the knees-up. A special thanks to the Gods for stopping the rain during our location time too. PHEW !

How long since I mentioned I love my job ?

Poppies Flowers – superb work Sally 🙂

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