Dane has been working with me here at Luke Simon Weddings for the past 4 years as an assistant photographer at weddings, shooting some additional weddings as the principal photographer as well as helping out with post production and editing in the studio. With a similar style and perspective on life, Dane brings a bunch of great qualities to the Luke Simon Team.

Some words from Dane –

‘As a photographer, I approach each and every wedding with the same intent: to creatively capture the personalities, relationships and events of such a special day.

I do this as discreetly as possible, preferring to observe rather than direct. However, there will be certain situations which require a minimal amount of instruction. This will depend on ‘our’ intended photographic vision which will be discussed prior.

Communication is essential for me as a photographer to successfully bring to life the ideas and images you have for your wedding day. To achieve this, a relaxed meeting will be arranged to discuss possibilities regarding styles, times and locations etc.’

Some weddings Dane has been the principal photographer –

Dan and Kylie

Brodie and Shane

Various other images from Dane’s portfolio – Images captured while shooting as my second photographer at weddings –



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