Carolynn & Daniel – Longview Winery

A superb day for a winery wedding and a great bunch of people to celebrate. I’d not photographed a wedding at Longview for a few years so it was nice to be there with a little knowledge but nice fresh eyes.If I had to live in Macclesfield this is where I’d want to be perched, overlooking ‘my vines’…keep dreaming, I will.

It was lovely to capture the day for Carolynn and Daniel. I really related to their stage in life with their fairly new addition to the family, Alison. The obvious deep commitment they have to each other is gonna be great for Alison. She’s a lucky girl.

Two of these men are dentists so we can’t show you their face – A strange quote from an Tv ad that ran here in Australia about 10 years ago…still don’t know what it meant really…

Dane’s Photo –

Wedding Location – Longview Winery


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