Bonnie and Steve –

I received a great email yesterday from a wedding client who married 12 months ago – thought I’d share it with you, along with a couple of shots from their day. It’s great to look back at their day and then look forward to the lovely future ahead of them.


“hey dude,

thank you for the anniversary card. we got it last week, it was so thoughtful.
You got in there early and beat everyone to the punch. I cant believe it has been a year!! so…. me and Bonnie are expecting a little girl in late December!! (my moneys on christmas day) its seems like it was only the other day we were carefree and relaxing on an indo island and now its ”oh how cute is that little dress, what colour should we paint the nursery and how the hell is a baby seat gonna fit in the kombi..?

i drive past the old wool shed where we had the photos taken every day lately, and its now a storage world and looks nothing like that day :(. we have the photos all over the place and will never forget the effort and passion you put into every photo. Bonnie still tells people how you said to dab the bottom of the flowers with a tea towel so they dont drip or how to place the pin in the button holes, i guess its the litttle things you brought to the table aswell. we could never thank you enough. we constantly check your website for updates and we recomend you to our friends. Bonnie has photos up on facebook and is still getting messages from friends, and friends of friends who want to know who did our photos!

always good to hear from you

cheers bro.

Steve and Bonnie + bump.


…..Ahhh, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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