Bonnie and Steve | The Wedding

Bonnie and Steve are very cute together. Bonnie carries a very distinguished beauty about her and Steve is a lovely, relaxed fella and they are both very besotted with each other. Can’t blame ’em really.

Although you could never tell from their photos or their expressions, these guys had a couple of rough days leading up to the wedding. The storms on the Thursday and Friday were so severe with hail and pelting winds – one gust decided to try to rip the roof of Steve’s beloved Combi van (one of the bridal cars) clean off, but thankfully the gods showed a little mercy and the roof held on by a thread – enough to allow Steve to pop-rivet it shut in time for Saturday. Top that off with Bonnie and half the family coming down with a bug on the Friday that left Bonnie and her Mum ‘driving the porcelain bus’ for half the night and you’d be forgiven for expecting a few more disasters on the wedding day.

But, as so often happens, Karma was on their side, the bugs let up and the hail and rain stayed away.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Cruising Yacht Club of SA at North Haven and we disappeared with the bridal party to Port Adelaide for an hour of photos before heading back for the festivities.

We had a great day and with any luck Bonnie and Steve are enjoying a well earned break on their honeymoon,

Cheers, Luke





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