Suzy and Chris | Bird in Hand Winery Wedding

It has been quite a while since the I photographed a Bird in Hand Winery wedding.

Suzy and Chris were super relaxed and their mates really easy to get along with. They were blessed with an awesome day with sunshine and lollipops…well, I didn’t actually see the lollipops, but I’m sure someone there had some.

It was hard not to spend the whole time smiling for and with Suzy and Chris. The love they have for each other and their respective families had been evident from first meeting with Chris on the morning of the wedding. I really related to the bond he had with his Dad and the hug they gave each other, well it just made me want one too. And the bond he had with his Best Man and Brother.

I loved watching Suzy’s mum too. She was thoroughly enjoying the experience of observing her daughter’s day unfold, and for me to be able to grab some of those moments humbling. There’s a few posted below. I’m also really fond of the proud look on her dad’s face, as he walked her proudly down the isle. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did I imagine I’d feel just the same. I know how proud I will be of my sons when they find their best friend in another and the happiness I know that love brings.

Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding  Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding  Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding            Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding  Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding Bird-In-Hand-Winery-Wedding                                                 

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