Antonia & Stephen – Carrick Hill – Dave

Antonia and Stephen were married in a fantastic little church near Carrick Hill.

Antonia wore her Mother’s shoes, not just any shoes….the same shoes her Mother was wearing on her wedding day!

Stephen had something special too… cufflinks which belonged to his late Father.

They had a “first look” at Carrick Hill before the ceremony, and when Stephen turned to see Antonia, he looked like the happiest man alive, unable to wipe the smile from his face. It was beautiful to watch…two people completely enamoured by each other…they radiated love.

Stephen’s brother Charles would have to be one of the funniest MC’s I’ve ever seen (I don’t mean to look at). He had the whole place in hysterics while inadvertently demonstrating how close their family is, and the special bond between the brothers and their Mum. The speeches moved everyone. It was a very emotional day for both families and a special one to witness…

What made the day even better … was we put the idea out there for Luke to come along as my second photographer (as he was clear). This just made my day! Having the tables turned with me ordering him around for once… ha ha. A very memorable day indeed!


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