Amelia & Paul Mt. Osmond Golf Club Wedding – Dave


When I first met with Amelia & Paul and they filled me in on some of their wedding plans….they blew my mind. They told me they were getting married at Rostrevor College in the Catholic church and then celebrating into the night at Mt Osmond Golf Course. This was nothing out of the ordinary, however, they went on to explain that Paul’s parents tied the knot in the very same church at Rostrevor College, just around the corner from where they now live, and that Amelia’s parents had their reception in the same building at Mt Osmond Golf Course back in the day. What a spin out… it was so interesting to step back in time looking at their parents photos, taken in the same places years ago – (there were some sweet moustaches and impressive lamb chops goin’ on in those pics too). Paul’s Dad Kerron, proudly showed off his wedding album in the morning at their home, not far from the church where he married the women he loves. Later that day, he’d be back in the same church to witness his son do the very same thing. I love being involved in days like this one. This is why I photograph weddings…        – Dave


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