Amelia & Paul – Engagement shoot – Dave

Had a fun little engagement shoot with Amelia and Paul last Friday at a fave spot of mine in the city. Then we enjoyed a nice cold pint and went over the timing for  their wedding in a couple of weeks. Good times…


AP-E-0004 AP-E-0009 AP-E-0013 Amelia & Paul Engagement shoot AP-E-0024 AP-E-0026 AP-E-0025 AP-E-0027 AP-E-0029 adelaide couples shoot AP-E-0034 AP-E-0042 AP-E-0039 Amelia & Paul Engagement shoot AP-E-0043 AP-E-0046 AP-E-0048 AP-E-0055 AP-E-0060  pre wedding shoot Amelia & Paul AP-E-0054 AP-E-0058 AP-E-0059 AP-E-0061 AP-E-0064 AP-E-0066 AP-E-0067 AP-E-0069AP-E-0077 AP-E-0083 Amelia & Paul Engagement shoot AP-E-0085 AP-E-0086 AP-E-0088 AP-E-0092 Adelaide couples photography AP-E-0095 AP-E-0096 Amelia & Paul Engagement shoot AP-E-0114 adelaide couples shoot AP-E-0133 AP-E-0135 AP-E-0137 AP-E-0138 AP-E-0139 Amelia & Paul Engagement shoot AP-E-0143 AP-E-0154 AP-E-0158 AP-E-0159 AP-E-0163 AP-E-0172 AP-E-0174 AP-E-0176 AP-E-0178 AP-E-0179 AP-E-0182 AP-E-0184 AP-E-0185 amelia & Paul engagement shoot

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