Alex & Jarrad – Middleton Beach Huts Wedding – By Dave

I loved being involved in this Middleton Beach Huts Wedding. It was too much fun. Both families go back a long way and it really felt like a little community with so much love, kinship and interconnection between the families as well as the guests.

It all went down at the BeachHuts Middleton and Blues Restaurant. When I discovered it was going to be a Middleton Wedding, my face lit up. The south coast is very special to me. I’m down there any chance I get. I always dedicate a lot of time to Location scouting and this meant I had an excuse to burn down the coast with my board in the back to hunt locations and check the light (and hopefully score some waves too).

On the day, the flowers were put together by Bethany who was also a bridesmaid. The celebrant, Terry, is a family friend. Pooch, (one of the groomsmen) who’s currently wheelchair bound due to a Motorbike accident managed to stand for the entire ceremony (which shocked and moved everybody). A friend of Alex’s did the girls make up. The band (who were insanely good & having a blast) were a couple of Jarrad’s mates and at the reception Jarrad got up and played “When I come around” on the drums with them then busted out some mean harmonica later in the night when the party was really kicking off.

They are all good people and the fellas were real “boys” boys, tough and a little rough around the edges, but by the end of the night the love and emotion in the room was palpable and a really special thing to witness. I won’t forget this one, it’s tattooed into my memory bank… Thanks so much for having me guys!!! – Dave


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