Sophie & Reuben – Beach Wedding, Adelaide

So hot it hurt to breath.

There was nothing cold about the Adelaide beach wedding of Sophie and Reuben. Upon arrival at the apartment where Reuben and the lads were getting ready, we three (Luke, Dave and Ninja Kev) were greeted with the relaxed and warm smile of Reuben, the fortunate man to capture the heart of Sophie. I’d never met Reuben or Sophie, as they booked me from London, where they live and work. Reuben is an actor and Sophie is studying and working her way into the competitive world of Broadway. They had planned from the outset to get married on the beach at Largs North, at the end of the street where Sophie grew up. One piece of advice I did give them during the planning phase was to have their ceremony late in the day, so the light wasn’t super harsh and if it was to be a hot day, it’s be less so by around 6pm…hopefully.

44 degrees at 5.30pm. Holy mother of god was seriously hot. It had been mid to high 30’s for over a week and there seemed no change on the way. On the sand, it may have been even hotter.

The ceremony was emotional and loaded with beautiful sentiment. Bridesmaid Megan sang “At Last” and “Shout to the Lord” and played acoustic guitar as Sophie floated in on the breeze.

Then something happened that was almost fairytale like…Reuben and Sophie walked up their sandy isle, kisses and cuddles were bouncing around every which way, Reuben with tears of joy down his face and then, without any warning, the wind suddenly swung 180 degrees and the temperature dropped 10 degrees instantly. A great relief  for everyone and it was pretty magical.

Well, that’s enough from me, time for the story to tell itself via the images below ! Ta for now.


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